Often poor joint function can be due to

poor postural habits, repetitive movements

at work or due to muscle imbalances.

  • Initial consultation and examination

    At Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic we like to have plenty of time to get to know you and understand why you have come to see us. An initial hour long appointment involves a detailed consultation, followed by a thorough examination so that a diagnosis of your condition and a plan of treatment can be made. All our patients are given a gown to wear for the examination and a private changing room for undressing.

    Our chiropractors are highly trained in diagnosis. After the consultation and examination our chiropractors will explain in detail what is causing your problem and what we can do to help you. If appropriate, treatment is often started at your initial appointment. Occasionally, if it is necessary, we will refer you to Saffron Walden Community Hospital for an X-ray or to your GP for investigations such as blood tests to investigate your condition further before treatment starts.

  • Chiropractors assess the cause of the problem

    Our chiropractors will try to ascertain the underlying cause of your condition. Often poor joint function can be due to poor postural habits, repetitive movements at work or due to muscle imbalances. Your chiropractor will ask questions and advise you about your working environment and your sleeping and sitting postures. We may also recommend exercises to address any underlying muscle imbalances or poor movement patterns.

    Treating the underlying cause of the condition and not just the symptoms may help to prevent your problem from recurring. We encourage our patients to get involved in their recovery and to follow our advice and treatment plan to get the best from their Chiropractic care.

  • Chiropractic treatment - What do we do?

    Our chiropractors use techniques such as massage, stretching, joint manipulation and mobilisation, S.O.T blocking, medical acupuncture and taping to help restore joint function and alleviate symptoms.

  • Your personal treatment plan

    Once you have started your Chiropractic care your chiropractor will plan your treatment. Each patient has a personal treatment plan which normally falls into 3 phases.

    The Initial Phase of treatment

    Often people first consult us with some sort of symptoms such as pain or stiffness. The main aim of the initial phase of treatment is to reduce symptoms by improving the function of your joints, muscles and nervous system. Treatment at this phase is fairly frequent, once or twice a week.

    Corrective phase

    The aim of this phase of treatment is to further improve the function of your joints, muscles and nervous system and to promote complete healing. During this phase your symptoms will have reduced considerably and treatments are less frequent.

    You are often given exercises and ergonomic advice to help rehabilitate your condition and to help your body to maintain the corrections made, and to help avoid recurrence of your symptoms.

    Preventative/maintenance phase

    Many people who have long standing chronic conditions, with perhaps wear and tear, may be at risk of recurrence of their symptoms. Your chiropractor will tell you if you are at risk of this and will give you self help advice to help to avoid it. We will also often recommend to these people the third preventative phase of care. This phase aims to maintain the improved function achieved with treatment and may help to prevent recurrence of symptoms. This phase of care is much less frequent, some people choose to come monthly, others every 2-3 months.

I used to suffer from lower back pain after standing or walking for long periods of time. Since I have been receiving treatment I’ve had no symptoms at all. I play a lot of sport and general aches and pains from this are treated during regular maintenance visits. I would recommend the treatment to everyone- I’ve never felt better!

Helen Hilson.

My introduction to Jo McCarey was at the suggestion of my GP in 2003 when I was in constant pain. An x-ray confirmed degeneration of my spine due to osteoarthritis. At the initial consultation I gained an insight of my diagnosis and the discipline of Chiropractic medicine. This was followed by quite intense treatment and I was amazed that within weeks there was a significant reduction in pain. Today with advice and stretching exercises, together with 6 weekly visits to the clinic I remain virtually pain-free and my gratitude for the quality of life I am able to enjoy is beyond words.

Jan Rust.

After carrying an untreated back injury for over 15 years I needed to get some help. Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic was recommended to me by a friend and I am happy to return the favour. The clinic is very friendly and welcoming, both at reception and in the consulting room. Treatments are very effective being tailored to your needs as different problems arise between visits. You are also shown different exercises and stretches to encourage longer lasting relief. I leave in full knowledge that in a day or two I will benefit greatly. The text or phone call reminders of an upcoming appointment are the icing on the cake of a great clinic.

Eleanor Stanley.

I have visited the clinic for a number of issues, including serious post-operative treatment, and never has my treatment failed to have significant impact on helping my problems. In fact, I feel the practical treatment I received for my serious injury made a significant contribution to regaining my mobility. I cannot recommend the quality of the treatment and support I received highly enough.

Mark Draper.

The reception staff are friendly and welcoming, both in person and on the phone. Elli Boardman’s assessment, knowledge and treatment of my numerous weaknesses have improved my physical condition. I feel the benefits of her manipulation/treatment almost immediately. Her advice and exercise suggestions help me maintain my strength and mobility and keep me mostly pain-free.

Mrs. P.A.Palmer.