I have a very high regard for the Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic for those patients who have chosen to be treated in this way. Jo McCarey and her team demonstrate a high degree of professionalism, kindness and skill. As a GP I believe that good communication with other groups treating our patients is essential. This has always been a particular strength of Jo's practice.

Mike Tayler GP.

My family and I are all patients of the practice and have had exceptional treatment from all of the chiropractors.

Dawn Boucher.

My introduction to Jo McCarey was at the suggestion of my GP in 2003 when I was in constant pain. An x-ray confirmed degeneration of my spine due to osteoarthritis. At the initial consultation I gained an insight of my diagnosis and the discipline of Chiropractic medicine. This was followed by quite intense treatment and I was amazed that within weeks there was a significant reduction in pain. Today with advice and stretching exercises, together with 6 weekly visits to the clinic I remain virtually pain-free and my gratitude for the quality of life I am able to enjoy is beyond words.

Jan Rust.

The service and treatment at the clinic are exceptional in all areas. Coming to this clinic with my back problems was the best thing I could have done and I believe my work and leisure activities have benefitted greatly from doing so.

Micheal Smith.

A very professional and friendly clinic team who keep me mobile and pain-free.

Paul Fuller.

Your service is not only excellent but extremely personal too. Focused on a holistic approach to the whole person, and in our case the whole family, we can’t recommend you enough.

Sharon Wilson.

I’ve used this clinic for many years and have had each of the Chiropractors work on me-all very good. I come here on a regular basis- I say ’they keep me mobile’- can’t praise them enough.

Vi Manning.

I used to suffer from lower back pain after standing or walking for long periods of time. Since I have been receiving treatment I’ve had no symptoms at all. I play a lot of sport and general aches and pains from this are treated during regular maintenance visits. I would recommend the treatment to everyone- I’ve never felt better!

Helen Hilson.

My daughter Charlotte, who is fifteen, has been suffering from headaches for a long time. Since attending the clinic they have been able to identify the source of the headaches and she is undergoing a range of treatments which have significantly improved her condition. The staff at the clinic are extremely professional and caring.

Claire Witney.

I went to the chiropractor when I was really weary of being in constant pain, I now realise it does not have to be like that. I eventually convinced my husband to go, who consistently had back trouble and he now goes regularly, to maintain his back, he is so glad he took my advice!! My eldest daughter had discomfort in her feet and although we saw various professionals it was the exercises that the chiropractor gave us that we feel have helped her the most.

Fiona Harris.

I have been going to Jo McCarey’s clinic with my family for 7 years now. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough, to both adults and babies/children. They have treated me and my children for all sorts of conditions, as well as advising me on preventative measures to adapt in order to prevent further complications. Most importantly, their approach is always caring, friendly and professional across the board, whether you are dealing with the practitioners or the receptionists. I always feel welcome and nothing is too much bother.

Katie McCinnes.

Your service is not only excellent but extremely personal too. Focused on a holistic approach to the whole person, and in our case the whole family, we can’t recommend you enough.

Sharon Wilson.

My husband and I took our five month old son to see Jo. Jo was understanding, kind and Brilliant with George. She really took time to explain chiropractic treatment to us and how it might help George. We noticed a difference in a few treatments and we are so relieved. We wish we had gone to Jo sooner! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo to family and friends.

Becky Varey.

As a forceps baby we felt it was even more important to get Maiya treated. She was immediately calmer after her first session and remained a very content baby. Goodness knows how life may have been different.

Emma and Christian Lacey.

Jo has been an amazing help. My baby son was unsettled but with Jo’s advice and treatment I feel he really improved and is much happier and more settled now.

Samantha Clayden.

I saw Jo for pre-natal Chiropractic from around 30 weeks pregnant. My baby at this stage was back to back. I strongly believe that Jo’s advice and treatment was a major factor in my positive birth experience and would strongly recommend her to improve yours.

Charlotte Balaam.

I refer to Ellinor as my ‘pain God’. I come out of treatment feeling 100 times better than when I went in. I recommend your practice to many of my pregnant friends. All of the receptionists are very helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them.

Jessica Atkinson.

After receiving treatment from Jo in the late stages of my pregnancy I instantly felt better. My range of movement increased and my sleep much improved. Jo gave me the reassurance that my body and baby were in the best position in preparation for labour.

Laura Woodman.

I first visited Jo due to a reoccurring back issue; I was 7 months pregnant. My back was so bad and I was so stressed, I went to Jo on a recommendation. I feel it is no understatement to say she changed the course of my pregnancy. The chiropractic sessions helped my back and align my pelvis and the emotional support and reassurance that she gave me really lifted me at the end of a tiring pregnancy. So when I became pregnant 3 years later, top of my list of things to do was to be under Jo's care to help prepare myself for labour. I trusted Jo implicitly and had great faith in her ability as a chiropractor; so much so I took both my babies to be assessed after birth and for their first year. Her guidance and support has been invaluable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and her practice. For reference I had 2 very straight forward home births with no pain relief and fast recovery. Knowing that physically my body was in good condition to deliver easily gave me extra confidence to deliver at home.

Charlotte Phillips.

I first went to see Ellinor about a year and a half ago, with knee pain. I didn’t understand why my knees were hurting. After asking me a few questions and looking at the ways I moved, Ellinor knew what was wrong. I had jumpers knee (tendonitis). Ellinor gave me some light exercises to do and told me to rest for 3 weeks. She also recommended some supports which would help. After 3 weeks of rest and using all her advice my knee was well on the road to recovery and I have no problems today. I liked Ellinor a lot because she did not mess about. She told me what was wrong, what to do and let me go away and do it. There was no ‘I will want to see you for the next 10 weeks’ She said ‘go away and come back in a month and we will review’. This is why I have referred many people to Ellinor including family and friends. Her advice is practical and achievable and gives excellent results.

Alex Sullivan.

I first visited Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic in early 2013 to see if my long suffering knee problem would allow me to participate in the Three Peaks Challenge and fundraise for West Suffolk hospital. It was quite some relief when the lovely Elli reassuringly told me she would be able to help me strengthen my knees and allow me to climb the three highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales. I have been undergoing treatment with Elli for the last 6 months, at first quite frequently and then, as my condition improved, once a month. In all that time she has been a wonder. Her techniques are first rate, but so is her bedside manner-constantly talking about what she is doing and why. Her expertise and experience can not be faulted and the goals she set me away from treatment have also helped my knees feel better than ever. I really cannot thank her enough for helping me complete the three peaks challenge and realise one of the most rewarding moments of my life.

Dave Gooderham.

A big thank-you to Jo and Jeremy for the treatment on my shoulder and arm. I have suffered a lot of pain, discomfort and loss of movement from my shoulder. They have both worked wonders where western medicine didn’t help.

Christine Swan.

I first sought Chiropractic treatment whilst suffering from lower back pain and ‘pins and needles’ in my fingers, both of which were detrimental to my work and miserable to live with. The results have been quite astonishing and I am so grateful to the friend that recommended this clinic to me.

Jan Heales.

For many years patients of mine have been attending the Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic. I have always been very impressed by the clinic's professionalism and the way they communicate back to me, as the patient’s GP about the type of treatment patients have had and the progress made. My patients seem very happy with the service that they receive, and I am equally happy to recommend the clinic to them as an effective way for treating many musculoskeletal ailments.

Rob Howlett GP.

A friendly place with excellent staff which always produces superb results. Highly recommended!

James Sheairs.

I think this clinic is excellent. The staff are all very friendly and highly skilful. I have had great results and I always recommend this clinic to family and friends.

Katie Mcinnes.

Excellent Clinic. Gives one confidence.


Chiropractic treatment literally keeps me working. Years of bad posture, hours sitting at a computer and a busy and stressful job have taken their toll on my neck, shoulders and lower back. Following a very painful episode I discovered Jo, my chiropractor, and my regular treatments have helped to keep my joints in good working order. I consider it an essential part of my health care and because of it I am able to stay free and actively working in my ‘middle years’.

Marianne Fuller.

As a man of advanced years I rely on Jeremy to keep me in running order which he remarkably has been able to do.

Peter Divall.

Excellent- What would I do without their help. Thank you.

Sue Mathews.

After carrying an untreated back injury for over 15 years I needed to get some help. Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic was recommended to me by a friend and I am happy to return the favour. The clinic is very friendly and welcoming, both at reception and in the consulting room. Treatments are very effective being tailored to your needs as different problems arise between visits. You are also shown different exercises and stretches to encourage longer lasting relief. I leave in full knowledge that in a day or two I will benefit greatly. The text or phone call reminders of an upcoming appointment are the icing on the cake of a great clinic.

Eleanor Stanley.

I have visited the clinic for a number of issues, including serious post-operative treatment, and never has my treatment failed to have significant impact on helping my problems. In fact, I feel the practical treatment I received for my serious injury made a significant contribution to regaining my mobility. I cannot recommend the quality of the treatment and support I received highly enough.

Mark Draper.

The reception staff are friendly and welcoming, both in person and on the phone. Elli Boardman’s assessment, knowledge and treatment of my numerous weaknesses have improved my physical condition. I feel the benefits of her manipulation/treatment almost immediately. Her advice and exercise suggestions help me maintain my strength and mobility and keep me mostly pain-free.

Mrs. P.A.Palmer.

The reception staff are always extremely helpful and friendly. Chiropractors are all excellent with children and are very thorough and listen attentively to the patient.

Danielle Haynes.

I have been seeing Jo McCarey and her colleagues at the Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic since 2002. Jo’s treatment has always been effective and has included advice on exercises to do at home to self treat and alleviate pain. The clinic helped me through my pregnancy in 2005/2006. I now take my daughter to the clinic. She loves visiting Jo for her treatment, the friendly atmosphere means she is not worried about ‘the clicks’ as she calls them. She is allowed to do the clicks herself on the resident teddy bear and to play on the equipment in the treatment room.

Jo Brock.

My son has received fantastic support and treatment from this clinic. I was recommended we came to see Jo and I am glad we did. I would recommend this practice to anyone.

Jo Peacock.

When Emily, aged 12 yrs old, had her first appointment with Jo, she had a very obvious asymmetry to her spine. With on-going treatment coupled with exercises at home, the results have been amazing. Emily’s posture is much improved and her condition has been completely corrected. I can’t recommend Jo highly enough.

Katie Nell.

From the age of 5 weeks Ella started to become very unsettled during the evening. But after 2-3 sessions with Jo, which involved chiropractic treatment, it was as if a switch had been turned on which resulted in us having a much happier, settled and contented baby. It was our last resort, as we had never really believed that it would possibly work….how wrong were we! Thank-you.

Andy and Carolyn.

The Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic treated my son George from seven months old and the level of expertise coupled with their manner towards both George and my wife and I, has been second to none. I would whole heartedly recommend them.

Dave Gooderham.

As a second time mum, I just knew Darcey wasn’t ‘right’, it was like something was bothering her and wouldn’t let her be the smiley baby she wanted to be. After one session with Jo she was like a different baby. Darcey settles easier now and is always smiling, with just a few bad days instead of dreading each day, we can now enjoy our days together. Thank you.

Lauren Brown.

I had experienced back pain for several years prior to becoming pregnant. The chiropractic treatment I received at Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic in the latter stages of pregnancy made a huge improvement to my symptoms and I feel helped me cope with being heavily pregnant and to be more mobile. I would and do recommend treatment to others. Jo is absolutely wonderful working with babies and their parents, she is so understanding.

Jenny Carpenter.

I started going to Jo when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first child. Jo made me feel very welcome and at ease and after just one treatment my aching neck and back felt much easier, but what surprised me most was how the treatment helped me to have the labour I wanted, with Jo’s help I felt very confident of my ability to cope.

Karen Rulten.

Jo has helped me a great deal during my pregnancy. She has explained things clearly to me and always given me the time I needed to understand. I would highly recommend her to women like me who are struggling with pelvic and back pain during their pregnancy.

Lisa Birnie.

I developed serious knee pain which has continued for almost 4 years after a running injury. I have seen many specialists including doctors, I had intense physiotherapy, X-rays and an MRI scan, all with no results. After failing to get to the bottom of my injury I decided to look into Chiropractic care. After seeing Jo she diagnosed I had one leg slightly longer than the other, something no one else had picked up on. Over a period of weeks Jo manipulated my joints and muscles relieving tension and easing the pain. Since this I have been wearing a heel lift recommended by Jo. This has helped to balance my posture and alleviate the pain. Thankfully I am now on the mend.

Alex Winter.

I first came to Jo McCarey after a back injury in 2007. After a successful period of treatment to fix the initial problem I now have treatment every couple of months as a regular maintenance session to keep things, particularly my back, in good shape. As a competing tri-athlete racing all distances up to ironman, the strains put on the body are extreme and a regular treatment program from a good chiropractor such as Jo is an essential part of my training program. I would recommend Chiropractic care and this clinic to anyone (and have done to a number of people, including my wife, son and mother) and especially Jo as the best chiropractor I know.

Howard Williams.

Over several years I have always found all the staff to be very helpful. I always had continual neck problems but since having treatment once a month I now find my neck movement much less painful.

Gwen Cutmore.

After suffering back pain for a while I was recommended to Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic who have been amazing. The service, experience and friendliness is a very welcome comfort when in times of need. I cannot recommend the clinic and team highly enough. Jo, you are a star, thank you.

Matt Nevard.

I‘ve suffered with recurring back ache all my life resulting in bouts of pain lasting up to two weeks. Jeremy saw me as an emergency on Christmas Eve when I could barely walk to the clinic. After just one treatment I walked home unaided and virtually pain-free, much to the amazement of my family.

Terry Brand.