There may be a lot of stresses on the baby’s skull

and spine due to an awkward cramped position

in the womb or during the birth process.

  • Chiropractic care for babies

    Chiropractic is often known for its treatment of bad backs and people are often surprised to hear that many chiropractors work with babies. Perhaps you have heard of Cranial work or Cranial Chiropractic/Osteopathy.

    There may be a lot of stresses on a baby’s skull and spine due to an awkward cramped position in the womb or during the birth process. Intervention such as ventouse, forceps and emergency caesarian may add to these stresses.

    At Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic some of our chiropractors have a special interest in working with babies and children and have followed specific post graduate training to develop the skills necessary.

    Our chiropractors take a detailed history of the mother’s pre-natal and natal health, together with their baby’s birth and medical history. Our examination includes assessment of the function of your baby’s joints, paying particular attention to the spinal joints, pelvis and cranium (skull). Chiropractors work gently with their hands on these areas. Many parents report that their babies cry less, are more settled, need to be held less and wake less frequently, after receiving Chiropractic care.

    If you would like to know more about Chiropractic care for babies please get in touch.

My husband and I took our five month old son to see Jo. Jo was understanding, kind and Brilliant with George. She really took time to explain chiropractic treatment to us and how it might help George. We noticed a difference in a few treatments and we are so relieved. We wish we had gone to Jo sooner! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo to family and friends.

Becky Varey.

As a forceps baby we felt it was even more important to get Maiya treated. She was immediately calmer after her first session and remained a very content baby. Goodness knows how life may have been different.

Emma and Christian Lacey.

Jo has been an amazing help. My baby son was unsettled but with Jo’s advice and treatment I feel he really improved and is much happier and more settled now.

Samantha Clayden.

From the age of 5 weeks Ella started to become very unsettled during the evening. But after 2-3 sessions with Jo, which involved chiropractic treatment, it was as if a switch had been turned on which resulted in us having a much happier, settled and contented baby. It was our last resort, as we had never really believed that it would possibly work….how wrong were we! Thank-you.

Andy and Carolyn.

The Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic treated my son George from seven months old and the level of expertise coupled with their manner towards both George and my wife and I, has been second to none. I would whole heartedly recommend them.

Dave Gooderham.

As a second time mum, I just knew Darcey wasn’t ‘right’, it was like something was bothering her and wouldn’t let her be the smiley baby she wanted to be. After one session with Jo she was like a different baby. Darcey settles easier now and is always smiling, with just a few bad days instead of dreading each day, we can now enjoy our days together. Thank you.

Lauren Brown.